Are Guns the Problem?

What Does The Bible Say About Guns?

Since guns were not a weapon used in ancient times you might ask if the Bible can be used as a reference point at all?

Of course it can.

The Bible is an instruction book for everything in our lives today and the answers to all of our questions can be found in it.

The Bible does not mention the modern weapon of a gun, but it sure talks a lot about warfare, weaponry and even self-defense.

Let’s start with the Old Testament and then move on to see what Jesus has to say in the New Testament.

In the time of King David each man was expected to have his own sword ready. There was no organized military to protect the citizens.

If the time came, the leader of the day would summon the men in his nation to ‘put on your swords’.

David said to his men, “Each of you put on your swords!” So they did. David put his sword on too. About 400 men went up with David. Two hundred men stayed behind with the supplies.”

1 Samuel 25:13

Every man was expected to have a weapon ready to be holstered should the time for defense or fighting arise.

Does that mean we should all own a gun today and be trigger happy when we feel threatened?

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