How To Be The Head

Be The Head, Not Ahead

How can I be the Head of my wife, without being Ahead of my wife?

How should I sacrifice, serve, provide, and protect my wife as Jesus did for the church?

I know I am equal in God’s eyes, but my role as a husband is not the same as my wife’s role. Who is responsible for what?

How should I lead my wife in a biblical way without being taken as a dictator? Especially, when we disagree.

I do not believe the Bible says any man has any sort of domination over his wife. This would be an extreme view.

I do believe a man should show a headship, as defined by creation and God’s intended purpose of a husband to perfectly complement his wife in every way.

Man and woman are EQUAL in value before God.

A husband’s headship in regards to his wife gives him the primary responsibility to LEAD the partnership in a God-glorifying way.

I know this topic can be controversial, so let’s first talk about all the love that a husband is commanded to show his wife. That’s much more happy.

The book of Ephesians lays out very clear instructions to successfully organize a Christian household.

Some women might say this book is demeaning in the sense that it subordinates them to their husbands, but my argument would be that husbands have an equally burdensome role as the head of his wife.

In fact, the instructions for husbands is twice as long as it is for wives… (6 verses, instead of 3)

The instructions for husbands starts in verse 25.

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