What Does It Mean To Be ‘Saved’?

I Want To Go To Heaven.

When you know you have done something ‘wrong’, what do you do?

Do you think of an excuse?

Do you justify your actions?

Do you question the rules? (I know I do… Ha.)

Or, do you admit your guilt?

Do you confess that you made a mistake and commit to fixing any damage you may have caused?

Have you ever done something so bad that you feel like there is nothing anyone can do to make up for how badly you messed things up?

You can see where I am going, right?

Is this just another thread of questions that creates a need so that I can ‘sell’ you an answer?


NO! No. No.

There is nothing for sale here. Breath a sigh of relief…

But, the answer to your plea for help can definitely be satisfied in an eternal way.

If you have ever heard a ‘born-again’ Christian say that they have been ‘saved‘, here is how that works…

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